Is Jiya Fashion Store Scam or Legit {April} Reviews!

Is Jiya Fashion Store Scam or Legit Online Website Reviews

In this post, we will discuss whether Is Jiya Fashion Store Scam or Legit, the return policy, and the customer’s review on the website.

Is it true or not that you are searching for the best web based business site for suits, saari, and palzoo? Do you lean toward disconnected shopping or web based shopping? Assuming you intend to purchase ladies’ material from an internet based store, you can check the Jiya Design store. However there are a lot of web based business store choices in India and around the world, we really want to check whether the store is genuine.

Assuming you intend to purchase items from Jiya Style online store, you should peruse this post until the finish to find Is Jiya Fashion Store Scam or Legit.

Factors that decide the authenticity of the Jiya Style store

Here are a few significant variables that can characterize the authenticity of the site.

  • The space is youthful enough since it was made on Thursday, fifth Walk 2020, at 12:00 am.
  • The site’s trust score is 58.8%, a normal trust score.
  • The site has 0 notoriety on the Web.
  • We haven’t tracked down any data about the proprietor of the space.
  • The area expiry date is additionally not found.
  • Till now, the site isn’t boycotted by any area on the Web.
  • This site is protected by the HTTPs convention.
  • We haven’t found any Jiya Design Store Audits on Google, virtual entertainment stages, and our site.
  • There is no data about the area’s malware, and dangers to profiles have been seen as on the web.
  • The site scored just 21 out of 100 with respect to Nearness to Dubious Sites.
  • What is Jiya Style store?
  • Jiya Style Store is an internet business site selling kurtas, palzoo, sarees, and other ladies’ clothing items. The site sells the stuff at a sensible cost. However the site sells an extensive variety of stylish ethnic wear at a sensible cost, just there are a particulars that we want to investigate.
  • In this way, a few different particulars would choose Is Jiya Design Store Trick or Genuine.

More particulars to actually take a look at the site’s authenticity

URL-The URL referenced on the site is

Name-The name of the site is Jiya Style Store.

Telephone Number-The telephone number referenced on the site is 9352450515

Email-Address-The email address is

Address-The site needs address data.

Merchandise exchange We didn’t track down data about the arrival of the item.

Trade Strategy No data is referenced about the approach trade.

Dropping Arrangement The abrogation strategy isn’t referenced on the site.

Installment mode-They acknowledge installment through PayPal mode just, so it means quite a bit to be aware: Is Jiya Fashion Store Scam or Legit?

Virtual Entertainment Presence-The store isn’t introduced on any web-based entertainment stage.

Postal Code-We haven’t tracked down any data about the postal code on the site.

Transporting Cost-The transportation cost isn’t referenced.

Discount Strategy We haven’t tracked down any data about the discount strategy.

Trade Strategy There is no data about the item trade on the site.

Aces of the site

  • They acknowledge installment by means of PayPal, which is a solid method of installment.

Cons of the site

  • There is no web-based entertainment presence on the site.
  • No data about the proprietor’s return, trade, and discount strategy.

Client’s Audit to Choose Is Jiya Style Store Trick or Genuine

Client surveys assume a critical part in deciding the site’s authenticity; consequently, we examine the client’s audit of Jiya Style. However we search the client survey, we haven’t tracked down any audits on Google, virtual entertainment stages, and the Web. Thus, perusing wellbeing tips against moving Visa Tricks is vital to keep yourself completely safe.


Jiya Design’s site has numerous warnings, including the shortfall of client subtleties, addresses, merchandise exchanges, transporting charges, and some more. In this way, believing the website is difficult. Accordingly, we generally encourage purchasing from solid sources to guard yourself. Likewise, read wellbeing tips against PayPal tricks prior to shopping from any internet based entry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do they offer day to day presents on the site?

Ans. Indeed, they offer day to day presents on the site.

Q2. What is the base proposal on the site?

Ans. They offer a base 25% proposal on the site.

Q3. Do they offer just installment by means of PayPal?

Ans. Indeed, they offer just installment by means of PayPal.

Q4. Could we at any point trust this site?

Ans. No, it is by all accounts dubious. Along these lines, better not to trust this site.

Q5. Do they have overall transportation?

Ans. Indeed, they have overall transportation.

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